Stephanie Williams Author
Stephanie Williams Author

Reviews of Running the Show

"Altogether admirable... the range and richness of Running the Show defies reviewers' analysis. A wonderful performance."
Jan Morris, The Times

"Williams' research is exhaustive; her descriptions of the colonial life splendidly evocative. What emerges is a valuable picture of what empire-building was like: not the well-oiled machine of legend, but rather, an 'ad hoc and messy' affair, with the odd redeeming success."
David Evans, Financial Times

"Consistently surprising, frequently stirring and often very funny... Williams is never dull. She has a fluent, engaging style and a finely tuned ear for an anecdote. She also pays proper attention to her subjects’ romantic entanglements - a combination of hot climates, plentiful supplies of booze and boredom sounding the death knell for numerous colonial marriages...a delight."
John Preston, Daily Mail

"An excellent book."
Douglas Hurd, The Spectator

"Richly detailed and hugely enjoyable"
Piers Brendon, The Sunday Times

"Admirably stories from a bygone Boys Own Paper"
David Goodall, The Tablet

"Her portraits sparkle."
Christopher Sylvester, Daily Express

"Much to amusing and lively book, stuffed full of anecdotes and interesting titbits."
Amanda Foreman, New Statesman